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Cure Maid Cafe Quick Guide

This is my small, unofficial guide to the Cure Maid Cafe which I was introduced to in this insert credit article on game buying in Akihabara. Being that I did not find the cafe until my third and LAST day in Akihabara, mostly by accident, I thought I would do my part to provide a clearer indication as to where this establishment is.

The Cure Maid Cafe is a little restaraunt/cafe above a cosplay shop, where the waitresses wear elaborate maid costumes. It's nothing spectacular, but it's worth a visit for the novelty and a nice place to sit down. There are NO photographs allowed inside the cafe. It is a small place as most places in Japan are, and rather quaint for what I would assume are the expected clientel. The motif is sort of brown-and-green, lots of wood-tones and little plastic plants scattered about. As is typical for Japan the portions are small and over-priced, and the menu seemed fairly limited. I think it specializes more in drinks and maids than food.

There is a really cool little counter full of merchandise related to the cafe. My friend got a silver tin full of individually wrapped chocolate cookies labeled "cocoa" in katakana. I thought he was buying actually buying cocoa until we opened it up. :P They give you a card and stamp it when you visit, at least they did when I went there. I don't know what you get if you visit enough, but I'd be interested to see. There is room for 40 visits on the card so it might take quite a while. We got one stamp for each person though, so a large group might do the trick.

Anyway, I've lost my small map of Akihabara, but here is what I know. I knew the place was down a side street, as opposed to being on the one main shopping street, and I knew it was on the 6th floor. After keepimg my eyes peeled for 2 days however, I didn't think I was going to find the place. We happened to be poking around this capsule toy place called "Gachapon", and there was a sign on the elevator for the cafe. We checked out the cosplay shop too, which was pretty cool. Didn't buy anything, though I think my friend was tempted by a Dragon Ball shirt. ;)

Here is the corner that it is on. It you click it, you can see a larger image with an arrow pointing out Gachapon.

Here is a better image of Gachapon.

Just take the elevator in Gachapon up to the 6th floor and you are there!

That's about it. Please visit the Official Page or Geestore's site if you know Japanese and want more info. There is info on the merchandise, food and drinks and it looks like they hold events now and then. I hope your trip is enjoyable!

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